Building and concept

Reactive architecture and unrepeatability as a principle
The building as a whole is the result of the unrepeatability due to the special features of the site. The form and its brokenness, and every aspect of it serves a purpose more important than itself, the environment in which it is built, and the person who will live in it.

Solar access

One of the most important aspects of building the building was energy awareness. Thanks to this, by shifting every level above one another, we create a dynamic mass that provides natural sun protection in the summer and solar energy in the winter in each home.


The shape of the building is important not only for environmentally friendly cooling and heating purposes, but it also makes it possible to provide much greater openness to the northwestern side of the Danube and bay panorama while significantly increasing the amount of natural scattered light entering the homes.

Technical content

In addition to aesthetics and outstanding quality, DANUBIO is focused on functionality. Whether you are looking at apartments or the entire building, you will find that every detail serves the dignity of everyday life and everyday comfort.

Available flats

We have optimized our homes for a variety of uses. This means that no matter how you want to furnish your home, it is all a matter of how many of you and how you want to use it. What we guarantee will be a quality that far exceeds current standards in the real estate market.

Living room, kitchen and dining room

These three rooms are interchangeable in each apartment and we will install it as you wish. You can choose to have a direct patio connection between your kitchen and dining room, or you can request a traditional solution to walk out of the living room into the fresh air.


When determining the number and size of bedrooms, we have made sure that the interior design of the apartment can dynamically follow the changes in your life at any time.

Halls, Washer and dryer

To facilitate systematic day-to-day operations, we build a separate washer and dryer in each apartment, as well as a built-in wardrobe and storage cabinet.